May 14, 2012

Mother's Day weekend

I had a great Mother's Day weekend, spending Saturday with my 2 favorite boys.  We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the Zoo in Ashboro.

 Here's a random but funny picture of Chase and Matt at lunch.

 Chase called all the African animals the names from from the movie Madagascar.  So when we left and asked him what his favorite animals were he'd say, "Melman" or "Marty".
 The giraffe's name was Melman.

 This was a cool helicopter near the elephants and Chase was excited that he could get in and 'drive'.

See the elephants in the background?

This is what happened when we asked Chase to smile.

 Another silly Chase face.  There were so many cool things to see, like this safari jeep, in addition to the animals.

 The carousel was a hit, too.
 This sweet sight of Chase resting his head on Matt's shoulder melted my heart.  


 What a fun, but tiring day.

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