July 20, 2010

Portland trip

I had an amazing time this past weekend in Portland Maine.  My college friend, Kristin is getting married in October and we went to Maine for her bachelorette trip.  Here are some pictures from the trip:

It started on Friday with a lobster roll and beer by the Harbor:
Then we took a ferry over to Peak's Island to walk around and get some ice cream...Mmmm.  (Most of the weekend centered around food which was fine by me, of course).
After our tour of Peak's Island (and ice cream), we were walking back to the hotel and noticed a sign in the window of a bar that said there was a DJ playing 90's music that night.  We got pretty excited and made plans to hit that up after dinner.  So, here you go:
Lots of good music and dancing, like old times.  :)
Ummmm...Except for that guy.  "YOU want some of this??"  Uh, no thank you.  (I love the look on Kristin's face)
Another one of the highlights of the weekend: the Spa.  (Ahhh...)  I had my first facial and it was awesome.  What a relaxing weekend and a great time with great friends.  Thanks for such a wondering trip, ladies!!

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  1. Glad your little getaway was so great (and kinda hope I can have one of those soon!!!) I'm digging the new blog look too.. very cute!